New Fee Structure

As of January 2019

All-Inclusive Homeopathic Care - $239 for 4 months (any 4 months)  

- Includes homeopathic preparations of various types to cover acute, sub-acute and chronic complaints with the primary goal being to improve the constitution and overall well-being. Most patients will have a chief complaint and this will be a major focus of treatment.

- Includes homeopathic drainage, organ and nutritional support if required.

- Includes remedies for injuries, illnesses and emotional shocks that come up during periods covered. Remedies will be prepared in a reasonable time frame and delivered during reasonable hours if the patient is within driving distance - otherwise remedies will be sent by post. It is reasonable to assume if something unexpected arises during treatment, and a departure from original treatment is required, that the original treatment will be interrupted and delayed until the more urgent matter is resolved so that the total length of treatment will be longer.

- Includes all consults, analysis, communications and follow-ups.

- During times when I am on vacation or out of my office, I will attempt to contact patients to try to ensure their foreseeable needs are met while I am gone. I am almost always available by phone for advice but will not be able to prepare remedies while out of my office.

- Any changes to “All-Inclusive Homeopathic Care” fee structure can be made without notice.


- Postage and shipping costs. Fees for this will be collected after the parcel is actually sent to obtain actual costs.

- Travelling long distances to see patient or deliver remedies.  

- 24 hour care.

Billing - Payment is due before services are provided. I can accept cash, cheque or email money transfers. I will take payments immediately before or after consultations. 

PLEASE NOTE - long-standing, chronic complaints cannot be reversed easily. If you have been struggling with less than optimal health for most of your life it is not reasonable to expect to overcome this in a few months. Sometimes there are multiple things that homeopathic care MUST address and in a certain order and treatment of complicated issues takes time. 4 months will NOT be enough for a great many patients. Advanced age, great weakness, maintaining causes, severe allergies, cancer diagnosis, and multiple complaints are just some of the reasons treatment can go on for an extended period of time. 4 months will, however, give you a very good idea of what homeopathy CAN do for you.

It is my goal to communicate clearly about my fees. I want patients to know exactly what to expect so they will come back to see me for all their health care needs and refer me to loved ones and friends. If you require additional information about the fee structure, or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. Feedback is appreciated.