Your homeopathic care will include some or all of the following (fees can be changed without notice):

Initial Consultation $250/$220 for Seniors and Students - This is a private session that will last from 1½ - 2 hours and is conducted in person. We will discuss all issues that are of concern to you and that may be impacted by homeopathic treatment. You may have been asked to prepare some information in advance and I examine that before our consultation. After our consultation, I analyze your case in depth and it can take a few days for me to decide on a remedy. Two follow-ups are included and are approximately one month after taking the remedy and then another 1-2 months after the first follow-up. The first follow-up should be done in person but I understand this is not always possible so a Skype consultation can be arranged if necessary. It is normal for me to talk to patients briefly in between, either by phone or email, and there is no charge for this. 

Prescribed Remedy - As mentioned above the remedy is chosen based on our Initial Consultation. If I do not have the required remedy, I may have to order it from overseas and this can take an additional week or two normally. As we are treating chronic complaints, this usually does not create any problems. The cost of the remedy is included in the Initial Consultation but there may be an additional charge for postage if I need to mail it to you.

Ongoing Treatment $60/$50 per hour - Treatment for long standing constitutional/chronic complaints can take some time and more than one remedy is usually needed. The remedies act for long periods so casual monitoring is all that is needed at times. I encourage you to come back as often as you feel is necessary. Good remedies always need to be repeated before they can finish their work. After the Initial Consultation (includes 2 follow ups), I charge only on the time I spend - at rate of $60 per hour ($50 Seniors and Students) with a minimum charge of $30/$25. If I have to send a remedy in the mail, I charge for the actual cost of postage. If I prescribe another remedy (this is usually the case), I always include follow-ups for no additional charge to check on your progress.

I feel an example might help illustrate ongoing treatment. I treated a patient at the beginning of the year and she made lots of progress and her chief complaint resolved. She was happy with what had been achieved at the second follow up. I instructed her to finish taking the daily liquid remedy that remained and I expected the remedy would continue to act for a while beyond. I had not heard from her for a while. She relocated and had been through some trials when she contacted me again. She had some new concerns and she came to see me in my office. Our visit was not very long - about 45 mins. Because I had already spent a lot of time analyzing her case initially, it did not take me long to understand what had changed, etc. For the consult, analysis, making up a new remedy and putting it the mail, I charged her for 1.5 hours or $90, plus the actual cost of postage of $14. As with all new remedies, follow ups are included at no charge as well as brief communications by telephone or email. The cost of the remedy was included as well. 

Acute Prescription $25-$75 - This is a service I can provide to existing patients for whom a constitutional remedy has been prescribed. I might be able to travel to your home if necessary. There may be an additional charge for travel time. 

Billing - Payment is due when services are provided. I can accept cash, cheque or email money transfers. I will take payments immediately before or after consultations. 

Initial consultation including remedy and 2 follow-ups $250/$220
Ongoing treatment per hour ($30/$25 minimum) $60/$50
Acute prescription $25-$75
Travel and postage $ actual cost

It is my goal to communicate clearly about my fees. I want patients to know exactly what to expect so they will come back to see me for all their health care needs and refer me to loved ones and friends. If you require additional information about the fee structure, or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. Feedback is appreciated.