The Consultation

Your first consultation will be in person and should take 1-2 hours. Please remember to add travel time if you must arrange time away from work, etc. My office is in my home and is private, peaceful and comfortable. Bring anything you need to be comfortable for a couple of hours.

You tell me about your symptoms and I may ask additional questions. All of your symptoms are important and also anything else you want to say. It is through your symptoms that your vitality communicates there is disharmony. Let your story come out unprepared, unscripted and naturally. This is ideal. Before our face to face session I may ask that you make some notes about your health history and provide some family information as well (whatever is known). Gathering details about your ancestry might take some time but it can help a great deal in choosing remedies that are best for you. 

When the initial consultation is finished, I spend a considerable amount of time analyzing the information and use a computer program to help me in this regard. Once the remedy has been determined, we make arrangements to get it to you. In most situations I will have the remedy ready within 2-3 days. 

Follow up appointments are required to determine the remedy is acting beneficially - the cost of 2 follow ups are included in the initial consultation fees. There is a follow up approximately one month after taking the remedy and then a second follow up in another 1-2 months. I prefer to see you in person but if that is not convenient we can use Skype or talk on the telephone for follow-ups. I am always available by phone if you have any concerns in between.